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Energy and the Environment 2003

The International Conference on Energy and the Environment 2003 was recently held in Halkidiki, Greece, organised by the Wessex Institute represented by Prof Carlos Brebbia, and the University of Thessaloniki, represented by Prof Ioannis Sakellaris.

Carlos opened the meeting by describing the objectives of the Wessex Institute, in particular its emphasis on international relations. The Institute has many joint research projects with different countries and several international training programmes at Master and PhD level.

Carlos referred to two major initiatives that have recently taken place at the Institute, firstly, the launching of the eLibrary onto the Web, where all conference papers are permanently archived; and secondly, the new accommodation facilities on the Institute’s Campus in the New Forest.

The Co-Chairman of the conference, Prof Ioannis Sakellaris gave an introductory presentation on several aspects of the energy industry in Greece. His paper was entitled “Participation of the private sector in the energy industry”.

The meeting covered several topics such as energy and the environment systems; Energy management and efficiency; Energy markets and policy; Renewable energy resources; Energy efficiency in buildings; Energy computer modelling and Energy resources management.

There was a series of invited contributions including:

“Environmental impact of energy consumption in Belgium: past, present and future” by J Kretzschmar, VITO, Flemish Research Centre, Belgium
“An ontological approach to knowledge management in engineering companies of the energy sector” by F Batzias, University of Piraeus, Greece
“Simplified modelling of tokamak plasmas in a computational electromagnetic environment” by I Sakellaris, University of Thessaloniki, Greece

A special presentation by Prof Gerry  Kulcinski of the University of Wisconsin at Madison on economic inventory for different types of energy, including that from renewable sources, was very well received. The speaker analysed the life cycle of such sources, including energy storage and construction of the facilities, to demonstrate their real environmental impact.

The International Scientific Advisory Committee of the conference met to discuss ways of further improving the meeting. In general, it was found that the conference was very successful for a first meeting and that the papers presented gave a good indication of the way ahead. New topics and possible special sessions were discussed. It was agreed that further consultations should take place to finalise the next call for papers. Carlos was asked to investigate some suitable locations for 2005.

The conference banquet took place in a Greek fish tavern renowned for the quality of its fare. The evening entertainment was provided by a ‘bouzouki’ band which played excellent music. Carlos thanked the delegates for attending the Banquet and gave them each a specially chosen piece of pottery.

The pottery, which is characterised by its beautiful cobalt blue glaze had a story behind it. Carlos had seen a piece of the pottery in a local shop and thought it would make a nice souvenir for the conference delegates. Hence, he asked for the name of the potter and his address. He was directed to a village in the centre of Halkidiki and to look for a potter called ‘Anemomilo’. With this information, Carlos proceeded to scout the area, asking the locals in his non-existent Greek for a man named ‘Anemomilo’, who made beautiful blue pottery.

To cut a long story short, he was eventually directed to the ‘Anemomilo’, which happened to be Greek for ‘windmill’!! Undeterred by the derelict mill at the tip of the mountain, he surveyed the region and by sheer good luck, noticed a house, which looked like a pottery. There he found the Potter, (who was a woman!) signing her pieces ‘Anemomilo’!! As a result of all this, the delegates got their souvenirs!

Romantic Couple at Sunset

Poems for lost souls

Forbidden Realm

I wasn’t looking for you,
But there you were
With dancing eyes
And stolen glances.

We were two hearts
Billowing the same tune
Of aching and longing
For more than we had.

Though our bodies spoke volumes,
Those words we didn’t say.
And closer we grew,
Always yearning for porno.

Our hearts leapt with joy,
New excitement we’d found.
And yet the restraint
Because of those that we had.

Then where did you go?
Your heart turned away.
Have your eyes found another
In this forbidden realm?

Did I mean so little?
Had your feelings no depth?
To casually abandon me,
Leaving me worse than before.

Now can I look into your eyes
Without longing for your touch?
No, I’ll walk away, too,
For I’d be a fool to stay.

Yet, my heart still will yearn
For what might have been
Had our hearts been free
To explore the unknown.

Just You And I

We’re surrounded by people,
And yet there’s just you and I.
A shared glance
From across the room
Sets my heart pounding,
Raging with excitement,
Yearning to know you more.
That look in your eyes
Reveals your shared desire.
Your voice has become quiet now.
The revelation of hidden desires
Has left us anxious and confused.
Dare we pursue more?
Or settle for what has been?
My heart cries out for you.
But we’ve both so much at stake.
If only there was just you and I.
To be rid of the guilt
And the feelings of rejection
During times when you pull away.
So many unfulfilled fantasies
While yearning to melt into your arms.
If only we could see ahead
To know where this should lead.
And now another sleepless night
As I yearn for definition to this.
And how can we make this right
Amidst all the guilt and shame?
What can the future hold for us?
Should we give into this caring turned passion?
And gaze deeply into each other’s eyes,
Realizing our shared desires,
As our bodies melt into oneness?
Or shall we again sadly walk away
Without fully realizing
The depths of our desires?
If only there was just you and I.


My world was dark–
Too many broken promises–
Lost, alone, without hope,
And there you were
With light in your eyes
Seemingly captivated by me.
And my heart danced
And there was light
And there was hope.
I felt alive again–
Wanted, desired, with worth.
And for awhile there was joy.
But now your interest has waned.
Finding less time for me.
And again I feel lost, alone, without hope,
To love is not enough
Without being loved in return.
And who will I laugh with now?
Who will share my tears?
And why am I never good enough–
A winner, the prize, special?
Have I any worth at all?
Life means nothing without love.
Nothing else has lasting value.
And I’m such a failure at love.
Who will pick me up this time?
Or will I drown beneath these tears?
And why should I try again,
When I always seem to fail?
Left feeling lost, alone, without hope,

My Lover

You brought me light,
Amidst the dark–
A warm smile,
A caring heart.

We shared secrets,
We laughed and cried–
Such precious times,
An adventurous ride.

Our bodies touched,
Our attraction grew–
Incredible sensations,
Dreams coming true.

I longed for more,
The joy that you brought–
Needing to feel special,
To feel sought.

Now I look for you,
But you’re not there–
Just an imagined voice,
My dazed stare.

Will you come back,
Is it really over?–
More shattered dreams,
Darkness to hover.